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Ketamine’s use for pain management has been acknowledged for over four decades. Our Relief Ketamine clients often experience pain relief that lasts up to a month after treatment. You deserve some peace.

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Relief Ketamine at CCFPH

How it Works


A FREE 30-minute virtual consultation with one of our mental health physicians who will work with you to determine whether our Relief Ketamine treatment is right for you


Explore an altered state of consciousness, in a safe, comfortable, and controlled setting. Embrace the therapeutic process and develop new perspectives while being assisted through any challenging parts of the journey.

Reconnect and Reassess

Decide with your physician whether Relief Ketamine can provide you with ongoing relief tailored to your needs.

No wait-time required; In-Home treatments deliver one-on-one care at your convenience.

We pride ourselves in delivering compassionate in-home care that allows for the utmost dignity and respect

Starting At Only

$479 per session

CCFPH is proud to offer the lowest and most accessible rates for Ketamine Pain Relief. Call or book a consult now for more information.

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