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“We want people to have as psychedelic an experience as possible with the lowest dose possible because philosophically, and as the evidence seems to suggest, the best outcomes come not only from the antidepressant effects of ketamine and other psychedelics, but through the emotional processing that seems to happen when people have intense mystical psychedelic experiences,” says Levy.

The experience Field Trip offers is nothing if not high-end. For $750, a person with treatment resistant mental health conditions, including depression, generalized anxiety disorder and trauma, can get a ketamine-assisted therapy session. During a session, a patient sets an intention for the psychedelic journey with a therapist, sits in a zero-gravity chair and puts on eyeshades and noise-cancelling headphones and gets a shot of ketamine in the arm. The experience lasts between 45 minutes and hour and a half. After two drug-assisted therapy sessions, a patient sits with a therapist for more conventional cognitive behavioral therapy to integrate whatever insights they have gleamed from the trip.

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