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Jacob Pollack

Registered Social Worker

Jacob is a Registered Social Worker who has been working in the fields of disability, mental health care and addictions since 2015. Having transitioned from an earlier career in evolutionary-developmental biology, his psychotherapeutic approach integrates evolutionary theory, attachment, polyvagal and sensorimotor modalities with certified training in CBT, DBT and Motivational Interviewing. Jacob has worked alongside individuals and facilitated therapy groups in a variety of community/hospital/shelter settings, exploring the links between mental well-being and having unmet emotional needs during childhood as well as in adulthood. Through this work, he saw the many ways in which invalidating social environments contribute to the onset of depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, PTSD, OCD, schizophrenia and chronic physical pain. Jacob is excited to support clients using ketamine and other psychedelic medicines to safely let go of unneeded thoughts, feelings and behaviours, gain personal insight and allow space for their innate healing capacity. By cultivating connection to our authentic selves we can more easily strengthen our bonds with our loved ones, our community and nature. On the side, Jacob is a community organizer, plays guitar in a local funk band and enjoys trail running in Gatineau Park.

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Cameron Schallenberg

Registered Psychotherapist

Cameron is a Registered Psychotherapist who has been working in private practice since 2019. In 2009 he completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in Cultural Studies and Communications Studies from McGill University. Here he learned to think analytically and honed his interpretive skills. He completed an Honours degree in Psychology in 2014 also from McGill, giving him a strong foundation in understanding human behaviour, cognition, motivation and psychopathology. It was during this time that he first became aware of the potential for psychedelics to facilitate and deepen the psychotherapeutic process. Since then, he has attended academic conferences and written journalistically on the subject. In 2019, he graduated with a Masters degree in Counseling and Spirituality from Saint Paul University, where he trained in humanistic psychotherapy.

Cameron works from a psychodynamic orientation. Psychodynamic theory focuses on the internalization of early childhood relationships that lead to current issues and understands that the source of psychological conflict can often lie beneath conscious awareness. Depending on the goals and nature of the treatment, he also draws on specific therapeutic techniques from a variety of theoretical orientations including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, existential therapy, and narrative therapy. He participates in ongoing professional development and has received specialized training in attachment theory, integrative meaning therapy, narrative therapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.

Outside of work, Cameron enjoys exploring the waterways of the Outaouais region by canoe and picking along to old blues and folk records on his guitar.

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Yamina Abassi

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Yamina is passionate about innovative therapeutic approaches. Prior to commencing her career as a therapist Yamina embarked on an explorative journey of personal growth. She travelled to various countries, immersed herself in different cultures, and connected with people from all walks of life. With an undergraduate degree in addictions counselling and a master’s degree in counselling and spirituality she has been working in the field of mental health since 2016. She values the importance of ongoing learning and is now working towards a post graduate degree in psychedelics and consciousness. Yamina has also completed a certification training in complex trauma and is committed to facilitating therapeutic sessions in a way that embodies safety and connection. She uses a person-centered approach which prioritizes the individual needs and comfort level of each client. Drawing on various trauma informed modalities including Internal Family Systems (IFS), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Emotion Focused Therapy (EFT), and Inner Child Work, she aims to engage clients with their inner wisdom and inherent capacity for healing. Having experienced the profound ways in which healing can emerge when engaging with this work, Yamina is honored to be supporting others with unwavering compassion and acceptance.

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