The Calling

When someone asks me “how do I know if I am ready for psychedelic medicine,” the first thing I look at is if they have what I refer to as “a calling” to the medicine. A calling will present differently for everyone but it seems to always come from an intuitive sense of Knowing. A calling is beyond our analytical intelligence about the utility of psychedelics, and its roots are not based on a story but on a feeling that is beyond our mind. A story can be present with a calling but a person will be able to distinguish whether they are drawn to the medicine because of a story of the mind or intuitive knowing.

The calling to The Medicine can be a very important part of the set of a psychedelic experience because it shows readiness and openness of the mind, body, and spirit. Time is an interesting aspect of the calling as it can change throughout time. A calling is not a fixed entity but a fluid unity of self, which means it is possible to have a calling in one moment and not another. Since the calling is intuitive it flows perfectly with divine timing. A calling is both passive and active in nature. Such actions can be; deciding to take the medicine, or following the intuitive direction necessary for the process. Simultaneously, the calling is passive in which the opportunity will present itself effortlessly and the processes seem to simply work themselves out. The calling can seem subtle and natural or can be a strong message that we cant’ ignore.

Before any KAP session, I always assess for the calling to the medicine. I do this by having the client check-in with the body, mind, and spirit and ask them the simple question “do you want to do ketamine today”. The majority of the time the answer is yes but I have had many clients that have intuitively known that the answer is “not today”. Speaking from a clinical standpoint the concept of the calling is important to achieve true consent. Clients should never feel pressured to use a psychedelic medicine just because it may be part of a protocol or treatment regiment. These are medicines that work with body, mind, and spirit and thus consent from all of these parts are required. If you are interested in this therapy we encourage you to start with a free consultation. You are welcome to talk to one of our practitioners and we can continue to support you in this process.

The Calling isThe Calling is not
Intuitive in NatureBased solely on a story of the mind
Both being and doing/ Active and passivePressured action only motivated by the mind
A personal motivationPressure by others
Working with divine timingForced by pressured action
Consent from the body, mind, and spiritDisagreement of body, mind, and spirit

3 thoughts on “The Calling

  1. Teena says:

    I just heard about your center! Was looking forward to reading the blog…………….. I am now on a quest to learn more about this.

    • Jordan Gross says:

      Hello! We appreciate your comment and are actually in the process of launching our social media. Once this is launched we will be posting weekly blog posts along with other posts about psychedelic assisted therapy. If you have any topics you are particularly interested in let us know!

  2. Laura Hamelin says:

    I am in the process of getting my certification as a psychedelic therapist and I would like to know if you have any tips for the free in this field. Thank you

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