The Ego is Not The Enemy

I first learned about the concept of the ego through The Power of Now when I was 18 and this changed my life forever. I began having experiences where I can see my ego and be my soul and since then I have been working on my relationship with it all. When I first began learning about this part of me that I call “I” my sole purpose was to get rid of it as fast as I can so I can simply rest in that place I call Love. As we all soon figure out since we have taken this human birth it’s not quite like that. This is a common theme in the spiritual journey and to paraphrase Ram Dass I had to learn to accept my humanity and be with my divinity. I admit that I continue to have my own aversion to the ego but despite the suffering it may cause, I understand that it is not the enemy but indeed part of the curriculum. I resonate strongly with the song Grandmothersphere by East Forest which says “I didn’t transcend my ego, we became partners, we became teammates”.